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Album: Snowblind Friend [free mp3]

Release: 1977 year
Artist: Hoyt Axton
Album Tracks: 11 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Snowblind Friend download


File Size      #
1. Hoyt Axton - You're the Hangnail in My Life.mp3 (2.30mb) download
2. Hoyt Axton - Little White Moon.mp3 (2.96mb) download
3. Hoyt Axton - Water For My Horses.mp3 (3.53mb) download
4. Hoyt Axton - Funeral Of The King.mp3 (3.36mb) download
5. Hoyt Axton - I Light This Candle.mp3 (3.54mb) download
6. Hoyt Axton - Never Been to Spain.mp3 (2.95mb) download
7. Hoyt Axton - You Taught Me How to Cry.mp3 (3.47mb) download
8. Hoyt Axton - Snowblind Friend.mp3 (3.23mb) download
9. Hoyt Axton - Poncho and Lefty.mp3 (3.58mb) download
10. Hoyt Axton - Seven Come.mp3 (2.74mb) download
11. Hoyt Axton - I Don't Know Why I Love You.mp3 (3.74mb) download

Album: Less Than The Song [free mp3]

Release: 1973 year
Artist: Hoyt Axton
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Less Than The Song download


File Size      #
1. Hoyt Axton - Sweet Misery.mp3 (8.59mb) download
2. Hoyt Axton - Less Than The Song.mp3 (7.73mb) download
3. Hoyt Axton - Sweet Fantasy.mp3 (8.02mb) download
4. Hoyt Axton - Days Are Short.mp3 (9.81mb) download
5. Hoyt Axton - Mary Makes Magic.mp3 (8.87mb) download
6. Hoyt Axton - Peacemaker.mp3 (7.82mb) download
7. Hoyt Axton - Nothin' To Lose.mp3 (7.80mb) download
8. Hoyt Axton - Oklahoma Song.mp3 (5.94mb) download
9. Hoyt Axton - Mexico City Hangover.mp3 (8.49mb) download
10. Hoyt Axton - Hungry Man.mp3 (7.16mb) download
11. Hoyt Axton - Somebody Turned On The Light.mp3 (7.70mb) download
12. Hoyt Axton - Blue Prelude.mp3 (4.68mb) download

Album: A Rusty Old Halo - Where Did The Money Go [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Hoyt Axton
Album Tracks: 22 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

A Rusty Old Halo - Where Did The Money Go download


File Size      #
1. Hoyt Axton - A Rusty Old Halo.mp3 (6.56mb) download
2. Hoyt Axton - Della And The Dealer.mp3 (8.51mb) download
3. Hoyt Axton - The Hotel Ritz.mp3 (5.74mb) download
4. Hoyt Axton - So Hard To Give It All Up.mp3 (6.51mb) download
5. Hoyt Axton - Evangelina.mp3 (8.70mb) download
6. Hoyt Axton - Torpedo.mp3 (8.23mb) download
7. Hoyt Axton - Viva Pancho Villa.mp3 (10.35mb) download
8. Hoyt Axton - Wild Bull Rider.mp3 (8.63mb) download
9. Hoyt Axton - In A Young Girl's Mind.mp3 (9.73mb) download
10. Hoyt Axton - Gotta Keep Rollin'.mp3 (7.31mb) download
11. Hoyt Axton - Everybody's Goin' On The Road.mp3 (7.92mb) download
12. Hoyt Axton - Betty La Rue.mp3 (7.42mb) download
13. Hoyt Axton - Boozers Are Losers.mp3 (8.11mb) download
14. Hoyt Axton - Politicians.mp3 (6.21mb) download
15. Hoyt Axton - (When You Dance) You Do Not Tango.mp3 (7.21mb) download
16. Hoyt Axton - Smile As You Go By.mp3 (6.40mb) download
17. Hoyt Axton - Where Did The Money Go.mp3 (8.50mb) download
18. Hoyt Axton - Some People Ride.mp3 (6.95mb) download
19. Hoyt Axton - Midnight In Memphis.mp3 (8.96mb) download
20. Hoyt Axton - Ease Your Pain.mp3 (6.10mb) download
21. Hoyt Axton - The Battle Of New Orleans.mp3 (8.54mb) download
22. Hoyt Axton - The House Song.mp3 (8.32mb) download

Album: Life Machine [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Hoyt Axton
Album Tracks: 11 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Life Machine download


File Size      #
1. Hoyt Axton - Maybelline.mp3 (5.54mb) download
2. Hoyt Axton - Boney Fingers.mp3 (6.35mb) download
3. Hoyt Axton - Billy's Theme.mp3 (5.32mb) download
4. Hoyt Axton - Life Machine.mp3 (7.31mb) download
5. Hoyt Axton - That's All Right.mp3 (10.50mb) download
6. Hoyt Axton - Geronimo's Cadillac.mp3 (7.50mb) download
7. Hoyt Axton - When The Morning Comes.mp3 (7.08mb) download
8. Hoyt Axton - Good Lookin' Child.mp3 (5.71mb) download
9. Hoyt Axton - I Dream Of Highways.mp3 (5.22mb) download
10. Hoyt Axton - Pet Parade.mp3 (6.24mb) download
11. Hoyt Axton - Telephone Booth.mp3 (7.15mb) download

[ 98 Degrees: The Love That You've Been Looking For ]

Artist: 98 Degrees
Song: The Love That You've Been Looking For

But looking in your eyes I see
A heart that was abandoned
by a world that used to show you love
You feel like you're the only one
Whose day begins without the sun
You're left to turn and face it all alone

Well, I know sometimes it seems as if
fate has done you wrong
But if you look inside your heart
you'll find the strength to carry on

You've got to leave it all behind you
Break through those lonely chains that bind you
'Cause love's not far away, it's gonna find your heart someday
And when you feel it's warmth surround you
You'll realize that love has found you
So turn away your fears
'Cause the love that you've been looking for is here

Suddenly, your broken heart begins to see
a love that lasts eternally
Just look ahead and never ever let a single tear drop from your eye
It breaks my heart to see you cry
The pain that haunts you every night
Because of all the emptiness inside

Well, I know sometimes it seems as if your heart is caving in
But if we look inside the soul we'll find the love we have within

I know sometimes when things go wrong
You search for strength carry on
But all we need to take control
Is the love within my soul
'Cause you know that love will find a way
To reach your heart again someday
You must believe it's true
Now all you have to do

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